Review: Catching Caden (The Perfect Game Book 1)

From the Author: 

Catching CadenIf all they see are her scars – they aren’t looking hard enough.

It was my home run ball that shattered her face.
Right along with her modeling career.

Now it’s my mission to help her rebuild her life.
And get her to love the game that she hates.
The game that dictates my life both on and off the field.

But when the lines of our friendship become blurred, I worry she’ll just be another casualty of my three-strikes rule. The rule I have to protect my money, my future, my heart.
No girl has ever broken it.
I’ve never wanted one to.
Until now.

The question is … will I let her?

My Review:

One of my favorite things about having Kindle Unlimited is I have the opportunity to read authors I may not have found otherwise, which includes Samantha Christy.  I run hot and cold with sports romances because they can sometimes be cliché and, honestly, this one started out a bit that way for me, but it didn’t take long for me to change my opinion of it.  If I could only choose one word to describe it, I would choose “sweet.”

A beautiful aspiring model, Murphy, goes to a baseball game.  Caden, the hottie catcher,  is up to bat and he knocks one out of the park.  Initially, everyone goes wild, but then he notices the crowd of people and wonders if his ball hit a kid.  It wasn’t a kid.  He went to the hospital to check on the guy, Murphy, he hit in the face with the ball.  But he didn’t find a guy.  He found her.

Throughout this story, we watch their relationship unfold in a friends first fashion, which was refreshing.  It had some kitschy moments, but I’m a kitschy kind of reader, so that’s that.

You don’t have to like baseball to like this story…know how I know?  I don’t like baseball, but I did like this.

My rating: 5 tiaras

Until next time,

Tiara Girl

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