Review: Because Forever (The Avenue #2)

From the author:

Everyone should have a chance at forever . . .

Twenty-Five Years. That’s how long Odette Peterson called Austin Andrews her best friend. Until he let his mouth ruin it–in more ways than one.

Five Minutes. That’s all it took for their friendship to fall apart, leaving her heart a little broken and her life a little emptier.

One Hour. That’s the amount of time she agrees to give him to try and find his way back into her good graces. Not that she thinks for even one minute that it might work.

It won’t, because . . .

Forever. That’s what Odette’s looking for. Someone to spend her life with; someone who’ll see her as more than just one of the guys. And there’s not a thing Austin can do to stop her.

Except maybe tell her that he loves her . . . 

My Review:

I thought Ash and Dunk’s story was the sweetest in About Time (The Avenue #1).  In the beginning, I thought Odette (Odie) and Austin’s (Aussie) story would take that spot, but it didn’t quite make it all the way for me, but it was close.

In About Time, we were introduced to Odie and Aussie and Aaron and Simon, whose relationship we see larger glimpses of throughout the book. This has the full range of emotions from the very beginning and gets you in the feels. In.The.Feels.  It’s a sweet romance about best friends, Odie and Aussie, who take the next steps toward their relationship. I will say, it does get a little syrupy sweet at times, but not to the point it makes you want stop reading.   The friends-to-lovers trope isn’t one that can be pulled off by everyone, but B. nails it.  Aussie and Odie are complementary opposites and it makes them dynamic.  They argue, they banter, they love, they laugh…

The romance aside, this book has a love story, the foundation of which was laid in About Time. It’s the love of siblings who stand by one another with unconditional love even when it hurts, the love of friends who are steadfast and strong with support and are also family, and there is so much love. Did I mention love? This book has it in spades.

It can be read as a stand alone, but it helps to read them in order because it sets us up with the characters and their nicknames, so it’s a little easier to follow. Hands down, I would totally recommend this book by B. Cranford.   

My rating: 5 tiaras

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